New Norm Setup: Live-Earn-Learn

Live-Earn-Learn in one place. A new norm setup that evolved with the onset of the pandemic. The recent health crisis brought about by the novel coronavirus COVID-19, has immensely affected people’s way of life. The onset of the pandemic has triggered many changes so as to cope with the present condition. A number of employees […]

Housing Demand and Supply

It has been identified by the Philippine housing industry that the housing backlog continuously increases each year since 2012. It has been estimated that by 2030, the backlog will reach about 6.5 million households. Despite efforts to produce as many housing units annually and even with the projections of building at least 200,000 units per […]

Factors Affecting Project Location

Location, Location, Location. Feasibility of location is an attribute for a successful residential project development. There are several influences that affect the choice of the location. In choosing a property, it has to be considerably the most viable by taking into consideration the following factors: Obtainability of land ownership The availability of the land for […]

Why Filipino Realtors Need to Develop Cultural Intelligence

Being a realtor in the Philippines, it takes more than the right knowledge and emotional skills to serve your clients professionally. With the growing number of diverse investors in the real estate industry, you also need to develop cultural intelligence. Understanding cultural intelligence Cultural intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, accept, and embrace different […]

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