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One Garden Residences 2024 March poster

With just 2 IDs, proof of income, and postdated checks, move into One Garden Residences.

In-House Financing, zero move-in fees, and enjoy free power and water connection installation.

Say yes to Puyo Dayon today!"

One Garden Residences Building Facade

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The Facade

One Garden Residences
One Garden Residences boasts a strikingly unique architectural design, characterized by a captivating contrast between its white concrete facade and the warm brown wooden accents adorning its balconies.
This visually captivating exterior serves as the backdrop for the four available unit types: Studio Suite, 2-Bedroom Suite, 3-Bedroom Suite, and Loft Suite. Ingeniously arranged, these units evoke the playful charm of a Lego construction, infusing the overall aesthetic with a delightful sense of creativity.
One Garden Residences
do you want to call this your home - One Garden Residences

Probably the First Residential Condo with BREWORKing Space in Cebu