Last March was Women’s Month and it has been a thrust that women should be empowered in different aspects and in her totality as a person. As a woman, I share in the same belief of empowerment among us. However, I too believe that just like any other power or authority, there goes with it the capacity to remain grounded and reasonable.

I must say that we women are given the privilege to empower, but should not use it to conquer, rather we make it a tool to minister. It is such sweet music to hear when we speak of great women who does ordinary things extraordinarily. We look up to them and we admire them. In fact, we make them our models so as to become someone like these great women.

I have modeled my life with the Proverbs 31 Woman — a woman of the Bible. Every facet of her being has been very much described on every verse of the 31st Chapter of Proverbs. The whole chapter talks about of her diligence, of her love, of her dedication, of her commitment, of her skills, of her beauty, of her capabilities and of her achievement. She is a pride to her family. What great joy there is to know that we are important, honored, dignified and acknowledged for what we are and who we are. We may have mistakes along the way as we are imperfect, but if we are guided by the principles and values of this kind of woman we tend to thrive in our entirety as a woman. We can achieve a great deal of success in all areas — spiritual, emotional, physical, and even financial.

There is so much room for growth in every woman’s life when she sees beyond her shortcomings and failures. We are empowered not just to have a voice in this world, but above it all, we have the power to become what we aspire  to be without having to stress ourselves at all.

Do you know that this godly woman of the bible is not only successful in taking care of the affairs of her household. She is also a very good investor. You can just imagine her ability to invest in real estate. As it is written in Proverbs 31:16 ” She considers a field and buys it; from her earnings she plants a vineyard”. It is amazing that this very verse is proof in itself that putting your money on acquiring real estate has never been wrong, isn’t it? Indeed we can even say it is a wise act to do so.

I would like to think that this very verse inspires me even more to keep on going to fulfill my dreams, which is investing in real properties. It is my desire to share with other women my thoughts, knowledge, and experience in the real estate industry because I feel there is so much to learn and to enjoy about it. We have always been taught the value of money and hard work. Though sparingly have we been told that to work smart, we can go a long, long way.

I encourage and enjoin every woman to get on your feet and see another view of your dreams. Real Estate investing is your tool. Believe and it will happen. We aim to prosper not to compete with men. Rather, we are to complement with the men in our lives. Life after all is magnificent when kept in its balance.