Mactan - location is everything

Mactan – location is everything. Mactan holds a prominent position among the vital locations in Cebu.

Let’s explore why.

Renting versus Buying: The Ongoing Dilemma!

renting vs buying

Renting versus Buying: This phrase essentially highlights the timeless debate between renting and buying, emphasizing its ongoing relevance and importance in decision-making.

Bayanihan Flats (2024 Sinulog Festival Promo)

Bayanihan Flats - Double Flat Unit Collage

Do you know that your P10 can get you a home now?

Reserve your space with a modest P10 reservation fee.

The equity is waived so you can move in right away.

Move into your unit before the loan process is complete—perfect for prospective homeowners and investors. Let’s start a conversation now!

One Garden Residences

puyo dayun green

One Garden Residences is located at Orchard Drive, Binaliw, Talamban, Cebu City, 6000, Philippines.

Contact us NOW to avail of any promo.

Condo FAQs

Orchard Drive

Common condo FAQs: Monthly maintenance fees, differences from apartments, investment potential, and rental regulations.

Airbnb 101

Bayanihan Flats Studio Unit

In the realm of financial decisions, the prospect of making the most of available funds often prompts exploration into innovative avenues. One such compelling option worth considering is delving into the Airbnb business. Unleashing the potential of your property as a short-term rental not only opens doors to additional income but also offers a unique and dynamic venture in the hospitality industry. Explore the exciting realm of Airbnb hosting and discover a lucrative pathway to enhance your financial portfolio.

Unlocking Airbnb Success: Expert Insights for Lucrative Hosting and Income Growth

Unlocking Airbnb Success: Expert Insights for Lucrative Hosting and Income Growth Unlock the secrets to Airbnb success with an exclusive session led by a seasoned pioneer and superhost.  Get ready to delve into tips and strategies that can significantly boost your income through this thriving accommodation booking platform. Picture this: an additional P20,000 in your […]